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Dionysia Therianos

Dionysia Therianou wrote from a young age with the dream of one day becoming a writer. He studied accounting, and volunteered for about two years in Africa. He traveled and met different cultures and people, other societies than the ones he had grown up with. Man, soul, life have always been a very interesting world for Dionysia. She worked as an accountant, but her artistic nature was looking for expression and rushed by this strong need, the time came when she decided to completely change her life.

Her decision opened the source of expression that she tried to keep closed for years and after strong inspiration, she painted the painting that later became the cover of her book.

She wrote and published her book Learning to Fly – The Kiss of the Spirit.

He attended seminars and courses in painting and hagiography, paints, experiments with various techniques and deals with pottery and writing.


Paintings of Dionysia Therianou